Getting Green with Lena Thompson: What We Put Into And Onto Our Bodies Matters

Thought I’d reblog an interview I recently did with the social campaign, The Green Flat.

Enjoy! 🙂

The Green Flat

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Living in the middle of Sydney, access to the freshest produce at a reasonable price is hard to come by. It is easy to be caught up in the busy pace around you and loose touch with how important our actions are on the environment.

I’ve interviewed the lovely Lena Thompson who runs the social campaign Connect to YOUR Community Garden, encouraging people to get involved and cultivate their food as its better for their health and our planets… environmentally and socially.

What have you found to be most rewarding about making your everyday life greener?

I have found that I have more of a sense of mindfulness about what I am putting into my body and my surroundings, therefore being more present with myself in everyday life.

How has your natural approach to food and being environmentally friendly extended to the ingredients you used on your face and…

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Welcome to the Connect To YOUR Community Garden blog!

This blog was launched through the realisation that in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney there are so many more people that reside here, than people who are involved with the community gardens that thrive within the area! 

I bet if you’re reading this, you’ve walked past a community garden or someone’s private garden and thought…”Hmmm, I wish I could have some of those tomatoes or some of that basil!” Then most of you have probably kept walking straight on over to some huge supermarket down the street.

HANG ON…there is a serious disconnect here with production, preparation and consumption of foods!! How did us humans go from growing our own foods, preparing them and then consuming them; to only the consumption part??

There is a nature-culture divide within urban living these days and this blog will be focusing on the benefits of growing your own food, specifically in community gardens within the Eastern Suburbs. 

The key factors that I believe attribute to this disconnect are: 

  1. Disconnect maintained by the urban living environment and lack of natural landscape surrounding Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs – not having a backyard or no where for a community garden
  2. Attitudes of society towards urban food production (people believing they can vandalise and take from community gardens)
  3. Finding the time to participate – we all know it’s hard to find time, especially when there is relatively cheap mass-produced fruit and veggies on offer down the road 

In order to help combat this nature-culture divide, this campaign will endeavour to help people living in the Eastern Suburb’s of Sydney to understand the benefits of community gardens and food production, and help people connect and have enthusiasm for urban agriculture within this beautiful area we live in! 

If you have any specific areas of interest you want the campaign to do a blog post about, please let me know! 

Visit us on Facebook and Twitter also to stay in the loop and connect with other curious future community gardeners!